Altering Website Hosting Provider

If your existing Website Hosting Provider is not conference your needs, or is supplying a good unsatisfactory service, you may decide that you need to make a change. However , such a proceed must be planned carefully. You will be in one of the following situations:

* Your website name is registered to you via a third party domain registrar and you just want to shift between Website Hosting Providers.
* Your domain name is registered to you via your present host and you want to swap out your hosting service or this together with your domain registration service.
* Your present domain name is not owned by a person so you will need to change domain names included in the process of moving your hosting.

The very first scenario is the easiest to deal with as you will be able to move your site without anyone noticing and I set out the necessary steps below. The other two scenarios are more complex and will involve some downtime/loss of site visitors.

Step 1 – Copy All Files and Data
FTP all the files on your web server to your personal computer. If your site is database powered also backup the database.
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Step two – Establish New Site
Get your new hosting account and copy all the files from your PC to the new server. If necessary restore your computer data to a new database.

It will also become necessary to create new email balances, the addresses of which should be the exact same as the old ones.

Step 3 — Test the New Site
Thoroughly test the new site and ensure that it happens to be before (particularly internal links). I would also recommend changing the Home Web page somewhat so you know instantly which usually version you are looking at.

Step 4 – Totally reset the DNS
Change the name machines to those of your new website hosting service provider via your domain name registrar. Theoretically the change will be completed within 24-48 hours but it is best to wait a few days more. During the changeover period some visitors will see the old site and some the new, and you may get email to both, but the key point is they will not be aware of any change. Much more important is that the search engines won’t find any change either so there will be no impact on your search rankings.

Stage 5 – Terminate Old Internet hosting Provider
At this point you can advise your old Website Hosting Provider that you desire to cancel your agreement. With the appropriate timing you may be able to get away with only one month of duplicate fees.

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